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Lil Baby Spits Bars For New Trojan Partnership | Download MP4 Video

Though concerts are no longer on the table, Lil Baby has found a new way to secure the bag by way of a Trojan team-up.

Lil Baby has become a regular spokesman for securing the bag, having previously unveiled his gargantuan booking fee of $400k per concert, a plan set to kick in motion once COVID-19 is beaten back and some semblance of normalcy returns. And while that particular revenue branch has been rendered temporarily unavailable, that hasn’t stopped Baby from getting creative, forming a new partnership with Trojan Condoms and offering up some bars for the occasion.

“I guess they mad cause I got what I got, but I be laughing,” he raps, over a piano-driven instrumental. “Even though I ain’t have much I had a bad one / soon as you don’t do what they say they try to bash you/she already know how I play, just bring the Magnums / every car I got gon’ till I die gon be the fastest / I knew I was gon’ get rich sittin’ in a classroom, designer garments come from Paris / ain’t keeping score but I know I passed them.”

“Made love to her with a passion,” he croons, circling back on topic. “Feelings in the air and I grab one / always keep a gold one, it fits right with my fashion.” From the sound of it, Lil Baby is looking like Trojan’s latest hip-hop ambassador, picking up the torch from Lil Dicky, who previously represented the brand back in 2017. While it’s unlikely you’ll see this one lining any verse of the year lists, you’ve gotta hand it to Lil Baby, who has continuously found new methods of expanding his brand throughout one of the more difficult years in recent memory.


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