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Tory Lanez Accused Of Throwing Subs At Megan: “Couldn’t Take No D*ck” | Download MP4 Video

Tory Lanez seemingly threw subliminal shots at Megan Thee Stallion, saying she “couldn’t take d*ck” after the rapper shared a twerking video online.

Months have gone by and, despite his open case, people are still under the assumption that Tory Lanez is throwing subliminal shots at Megan Thee Stallion, who accused the rapper of shooting her in the foot.It all happened back in August and, because the situation has been so heavily-publicized, we won’t run through it all here. If you’re curious, we put together a pretty thorough rundown here.


After months of silence, Tory Lanez released an album asserting his innocence, accusing Megan of lying about the shooting. Then, more time passed and Megan released her own album, which included a diss track against Tory to start off the project. This week, Megan has been very active on social media, posting a number of photos and videos to her feed, twerking and showing off her strong knees for her millions of fans. Shortly after she posted them, Tory came through with an indirect message that many think is about his good old friend Stalli.

“All that for that gram , but couldn’t take no dick,” wrote Tory on Twitter. In case you’re lost, Tory and Megan were seemingly in a pretty secretive relationship before the entire incident went down. Their blow-up is rumored to have happened over Megan’s friend Kelsey’s own alleged sexual relationship with the rapper.

While he does not confirm that he’s throwing subs at Megan, the internet is convinced of that much, trending his name and dragging him to oblivion.



Megan Thee Stallion has been living rent-free in Tory Lanez’ big ass head since this pandemic started,” wrote one fan, capturing the internet’s sentiments in one sentence.

Other theories include the mention of Eliza Reign, Future’s baby mama, who was spotted on a private jet with Tory this week. Regardless of who he’s speaking about though, the backlash is likely deserved.


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